• Why Does Your Dentist Need To Know About Your Lip And Cheek Fillers?

    Most cosmetic procedures are elective—as in, you elect to have them performed. The same is true for many dental procedures. Some are a clinical requirement (such as having a cavity filled, or root canal treatment), whereas some are cosmetic and elective (such as teeth whitening). But there are some cosmetic procedures that can temporarily interfere with your ability to undergo dental treatment. Why is it so important to tell your dentist about any lip or cheek filler you've received?
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  • How Missing Teeth Can Impact Your Health

    Even if you have only one missing tooth, it can negatively impact both your oral health and your overall general health. There are a number of various treatment options dentists can recommend so that you do not develop complications from missing teeth. One of the most effective treatment options for missing teeth is dental implants. Here are some ways dental implants can prevent complications from developing as a result of missing teeth.
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