Rehabilitating Your Dental Arch

Posted on: 27 December 2022

Unfortunately, there are many individuals that will suffer significant problems with their dental arch. For these people, a full-arch rehabilitation may be necessary to help them restore the appearance and functionality of their mouths.

A Full-Arch Rehabilitation Can Involve Replacing Many Teeth

A key thing to appreciate about the arch rehabilitation process is that it will likely involve replacing numerous teeth. During this process, a patient's compromised teeth will be extracted so that prosthetics can be placed in the mouth. Many patients might assume that a traditional bridge will be the only option for replacing these teeth. Yet, dental implants have become a preferred option for many patients due to their enhanced durability and the natural appearance that they can offer.

Disease Is Not The Only Reason A Patient May Need A Full Arch Rehabilitation

Disease is one of the leading causes for individuals needing to undergo a full-arch rehabilitation. However, disease is not the only problem that will lead to this type of widespread damage occurring to the teeth. Another example of this could be the patient suffering an injury that damages their teeth. For example, a person that is involved in a serious vehicle accident may have had the teeth in their arch broken. Unfortunately, even routine accidents, such as tripping and falling, can lead to this type of dental injury. While victims in these accidents may be concerned about their ability to restore their smile, they may find that a full-arch rehabilitation can provide them with exceptional results.

A Full Arch Rehabilitation Can Involve Multiple Trips

When a patient is undergoing a full-arch rehabilitation, they will need to expect to have to undergo multiple visits to the dental clinic. For those that are going to have a dental bridge placed, they will need to be fitted for this prosthetic, and their gums may need time to heal after the extractions. Once this healing has finished, they will be able to have the bridge applied. Individuals that have chosen to use dental implants may be able to have the implants placed during the same visit as their extractions are done. However, they will still need multiple follow-up visits to ensure that the implants are healing correctly. During this time a specially designed temporary crown will be placed on the implants. This could restore the appearance of their smile, but they will be replaced with permanent artificial teeth once the implant sites have fully healed.

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