Straightening Your Teeth With Braces

Posted on: 15 April 2022

Individuals that have alignment problems with their teeth can find themselves feeling very uncomfortable with smiling. In extreme cases, dental alignment problems can also impact a person's speaking ability since they may have difficulties with pronouncing certain sounds. For patients that need to undergo orthodontic treatments to correct these problems, there are some myths about clear braces that will make it difficult for people to make the best choice for their needs.

Myth: Clear Braces Are Less Effective Than Traditional Metal Braces

Individuals may be attracted to the option of clear braces due to them being a far less noticeable option. However, a person may be worried that clear braces will not be effective at straightening their teeth or correcting other problems. In reality, clear braces are as effective as other straightening options. Rather, the only primary difference between these braces will be the materials that are used in them. Clear braces will be made of extremely durable plastic materials that will be strong enough to adjust the position of the teeth while still being as clear as possible.

Myth: Patients Wearing Clear Braces Are More Prone To Problems And Complications

Problems with your braces can be an uncomfortable issue that will have to be addressed as soon as possible. With traditional braces, this type of issue could involve a broken wire or bracket. While it is possible for clear braces to suffer these problems, the risk will typically be relatively low. In fact, they may be less likely to suffer significant problems as the plastic can be more flexible so that the risk of it breaking can be minimized despite being tight enough to put a strain on it. If the clear braces do suffer these problems, they can be repaired fairly quickly as an orthodontist may be able to replace the broken section of the braces in as little as a few minutes.

Myth: Patients Will Have A Hard Time Keep Clear Braces Clean

Whenever a patient is wearing braces, they will need to be as diligent as possible at keeping them clean. It can be easy for plaque and food particles to get stuck in the braces. If these materials are not effectively removed from the teeth, they can lead to individuals being more prone to developing cavities. Fortunately, clear braces can be relatively easier to clean as individuals will be able to more clearly see when food particles and debris are trapped behind the braces.

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