Be Wise And Get Wisdom Teeth Extractions If This Happens

Posted on: 9 March 2022

When you think of dental extractions, you likely think of individuals who need to get them due to tooth decay or oral trauma. These are common things that lead to dentists recommending extractions. However, wisdom teeth extractions are also common. Sometimes these teeth are problematic, which makes it sensible to get them removed. The following points identify circumstances that warrant wisdom tooth extractions.


Babies are known to have inflamed gums when they are teething. A similar phenomenon can happen in teens and adults whose wisdom teeth attempt to erupt. The inflammation will be distinctly marked by swollen gums. Individuals might be able to feel swelling at the back of their mouths and feel it with their tongues. A dental exam allows dentists to readily identify this issue. The inflammation may be accompanied by discomfort or pain. Individuals have different pain thresholds, and the level of pain may be a reason to get emergency dental extractions. dentists may also make the recommendation when they identify other oral risks of allowing the wisdom teeth to fully erupt. 


Individuals may feel pressure from their erupting wisdom teeth. This might be felt when they eat. The pressure may also be a continuous annoyance and cause headaches or earaches. The pressure may lead to facial jaw swelling. It may also interfere with proper chewing and the opening and closing of the mouth. A serious situation such as the development of cysts or infection may occur and require immediate dental extractions.

Crowded Teeth

This is a condition that may be mistakenly attributed to an individual having the misfortune of misaligned teeth. Below the gums, wisdom teeth are often the root cause of the crowding. The teeth may push other teeth out of position. This occurs when they start to protrude through gum tissue. If there is not enough space in an individual's mouth to accommodate their teeth, crowding will inevitably occur. Other issues such as difficulty cleaning teeth might be caused by crowded teeth. This can lead to gum disease, tartar buildup, and tooth decay. Extractions are a better solution to the problem rather than letting it advance and cause these more serious issues. Routine dental exams can aid in identifying potential crowding issues before they occur. Early intervention and extractions can be beneficial.

A dentist is a good resource to use for any signs of oral issues. They can perform examinations and diagnostic imaging to determine if wisdom teeth are responsible for changes. The tests can also identify pending issues that could lead to problems such as crooked teeth if dental extractions are not performed. 


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