Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth Quickly With Dental Implants

Posted on: 4 November 2021

If you have lost a tooth, you may feel that you have an unlimited amount of time to decide whether you would like to replace it. Nevertheless, by delaying the replacement of your tooth, you may incur multiple avoidable dental issues.

Here are a couple of reasons to replace your missing teeth quickly with dental implants.

You Can Avoid Jawbone Shrinkage

The longer the jawbone remains unstimulated, the more the bone tissue shrinks. The jawbone remains thick and healthy because of regular stimulation. This stimulation occurs during mastication. As you bite or chew, the pressure associated with the activity is transferred to the roots of your teeth and consequently to the jawbone. The resulting stimulating pressure encourages the bone tissue to produce additional bone cells. These new cells maintain the thickness of the jawbone.

When a tooth is missing, the jawbone does not receive enough stimulation at the site of the lost tooth to prevent atrophy. A dental implant-based restoration not only replaces the crown of the missing tooth, but the implanted device takes the place of the missing dental roots, too. Consequently, an implant can still transmit the pressure associated with mastication to the jawbone to stimulate the creation of new cells.

You can avoid jawbone shrinkage by having your implant placed immediately after the loss of a tooth.

You Can Avoid the Migration of Your Teeth

When all the original permanent teeth are present in your mouth, it is difficult for them to migrate from their positions. Each tooth is bordered by other teeth, preventing movement. When a tooth is lost, there's enough additional space in the mouth for the teeth that border the dental gap to move. As one or more teeth began to shift, other teeth may follow, causing dental misalignment.

The misalignment can become progressively worse as the replacement of the missing tooth is delayed. Over time, the positioning of the teeth can become so crooked that orthodontic correction is required to straighten the configuration.

The orthodontic treatment may be expensive and lengthy. Nevertheless, it could be avoided by having an implant installed soon after your tooth loss. When an implant is placed, it blocks the migration of the adjacent teeth. Thus, the implant can preserve your original dental alignment.

To learn more about the advantages of using a dental implant to quickly replace a lost tooth, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your local area.


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