3 Things You Should Know About Dental Implants

Posted on: 20 August 2019

Do you need to get some artificial teeth? Are you in the process of deciding whether you want to get dentures or implants? There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the pros and cons of both dentures and implants. While dentures aren't exactly bad nor are they the "wrong" choice, implants can be better for a number of reasons. Before you make any final decision, it's important to consider as many of these points as possible. Here are some things that you might not know about the benefits of implants:

Better fit 

Dental implants are so popular because they provide a better fit than standard dentures. Although molding and manufacturing processes have changed somewhat over the years, there's not a lot of difference between the dentures of today and dentures that your parents or grandparents might have worn decades ago. In contrast, dental implants are attached to your gums via a set of surgically added posts. These posts snap into spots in the dental appliance, keeping them in place much more securely than pastes, gels, and other traditional adhesives ever could do. In the long run, this also makes implants much more comfortable than traditional dentures.

Better value 

When you compare the cost of getting dentures versus getting dental implants, dentures seem to win at first glance. But once you start adding up all of the costs of dentures, these quickly outpace the price of getting implants. With dentures, you need to buy pastes, powders, creams, or other adhesives to keep the dentures securely in place. These things aren't cheap. In addition, you'll need to have your dentures relined every few years so that they still fit, and they will need to be completely replaced every 5-10 years or so due to changes in the structure of your mouth. The cost of getting a replacement set of dentures is exactly the same as getting your first set. With implants, you'll pay for them once, and then, unless they are damaged, you won't need to have them replaced.

More confidence 

Some people who wear dentures can't help thinking that everyone can tell that they're wearing dentures. This is especially true when the dentures start to fit poorly and need to be replaced or relined, resulting in instances when the dentures simply fall out. With dental implants, this isn't an issue. They are about as strong and as secure as any natural teeth, allowing you to talk and eat comfortably without having to worry about your artificial teeth making a surprise appearance.


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