How Parents, And A Child's Dentist, Can Model Better Behaviors For Healthier Gums

Posted on: 27 May 2019

Your children don't have the best oral hygiene habits but you don't think that anything bad can come from it. After all, they're only kids and they have time to adjust, right? Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. For example, many children may develop gum disease that is problematic for their long-term health and which you can prevent with better modeling methods and trips to a child's dentist.

Gum Disease in Children is Possible

Gum disease is a problem that affects many people, particularly if they don't take the time to properly clean their teeth every day. Sadly, serious gum disease, though it may most often be considered a problem for adult adults, can also become an issue for many children.

Unfortunately, there is a very good chance that your children will be exposed to gum disease if they aren't prepared for the unique demand of this situation. For example, your children may abuse their teeth in ways that open them up to oral health problems and gum disease, such as:

  • Failure to brush twice or three times a day
  • Not flossing when necessary
  • Using teeth inappropriately i.e., to open plastic items

These common behaviors may cause a multitude of oral health issues that may trigger gum disease in your children. Thankfully, you as a parent can nip this problem in the bud if you learn how to project and model better behaviors and activities for your children.

Instill Better Habits In Your Children

If your child suffers from any of these negative behaviors, you need to examine yourself and see how many you also perform. For example, if you chow down on candy and other types of foods and don't brush every time that you eat, your children will follow your example and behave as you behave.

As a result, you need to model better behavior for your children and yourself at the same time. For example, you could throw away the unhealthy snacks when you're on a road trip – who hasn't bought some potato chips during a trip? – and pack healthier foods instead.

Just as importantly, you need to model good behavior when you're at a dentist to ensure that things go smoothly. This step includes being friendly to the dentist, not complaining, and letting your child know that there is nothing to fear when they go to a children's dentist. Doing so will help them have a better overall experience with their dental health as adults.


Stopping Tooth Decay Before It Ruins Lives

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