How To Help Your Child Through The Process Of Losing Their Baby Teeth

Posted on: 29 April 2019

Within their first year of life, your baby will start to grow baby teeth. By the time all their baby teeth come in, they will have a full set of twenty primary teeth. These teeth will serve your child throughout their early childhood. Around the age of five, most children will begin to lose their baby teeth so their adult teeth can grow in. Here are four things you can do to make this process easier for your child:

1. Inform your child.

Losing their first tooth may be scary for your child, especially if they aren't expecting it. They may fear that something is wrong with them. Make sure to explain the process to them before their first tooth grows loose. Tell them that the process is a natural part of growing up. Knowing what to expect can remove the fear from the experience.

2. Make the process fun for your child.

Even once your child knows that losing their teeth is natural, it still might not be an enjoyable experience. You can help by injecting a little fun into it. The story of the tooth fairy is popular among children, and it can give them something to look forward to. Instruct your child to leave their lost tooth under their pillow at night. When they're asleep, you can sneak in and replace the tooth with a quarter. Your child will be so excited when they awake to see the new treasure the "tooth fairy" has left for them.

3. Let your child know losing a tooth won't hurt.

Although teeth can sometimes feel a little sore when they grow loose in anticipation of falling out, they shouldn't feel painful. Let your child know that they don't have to pull their loose baby teeth out. Their teeth will fall out naturally when it's time, and in all likelihood, they shouldn't experience any significant pain.

4. Take your child to the dentist if their baby teeth don't fall out.

Baby teeth fall out as adult teeth grow in. Unfortunately, in rare cases, your child's adult teeth may grow in alongside their baby teeth. If your child's baby tooth doesn't loosen and fall out on its own, it may need to be extracted to prevent crowding and impaction. If you think your child's tooth hasn't fallen out when it should, take your child for an evaluation at the dentist. Pediatric dentists specialize in children, and they'll be able to apply their expertise to your child's unique situation.

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