Tips For Changing Dentists

Posted on: 24 December 2018

Has your current dentist not been doing a great job, and now you're looking for a change? If so, you may not be sure what you should be doing to make the switch. Here are some tips that will help ensure a smooth transition.

Search Through Your Dental Insurance Provider

If you happen to have a dental insurance plan, you'll want to start the search through your dental provider's website. This is the only way to guarantee that anybody that you find is going to accept your dental insurance. You definitely do not want to run into a problem where you think the new dentist takes your insurance, only to discover that they don't after you get the bill in the mail.

In addition, make sure you fully understand your dental coverage, including what your deductible is and what each service is covered for. This can help make sure that you are billed correctly when using a brand new dentist.

Visit The Dentist In Person

Don't get discouraged if you call a dental office and don't get an answer or your call is not immediately returned. You may have simply called at a bad time or when the receptionist was with another person. If the office is close by, it doesn't hurt to stop by in person during their office hours. It will give a good feel of what the office is like and how friendly the staff is. If this will be a family dentist, you can even check out what the waiting room is like and if it is kid-friendly.

Request Dental Records

You do have a right to all of the records that your previous dentist has. Make sure to request these records prior to your first dental appointment. You can have them sent directly to the new dentist, or take them with you. Recent X-rays and descriptions of previous dental work can go a long way in helping the new dentist understand the history of your teeth.

Show Up Early For The First Visit

Be prepared to fill out additional paperwork prior to your first appointment. You'll want to show up early and make sure you have plenty of time to fill it all out before your scheduled appointment time. You'll end up starting your appointment on time and not inconvenience anyone on your first visit, which can make a bad impression. Reach out to your new dentist if you have any questions about making the switch.


Stopping Tooth Decay Before It Ruins Lives

After a numerous visits to the dentist to fix my cavities, I am proud to say that I'm officially tooth decay free. I used to be a slacker when it came to brushing and flossing my teeth. But after almost losing my teeth to bad cavities and a major gum disease scare, I changed my oral hygiene habits for good. I now feel better about my appearance because I pay more attention to my dental care. I even make it to my dental appointments without numerous reminders from my dentist. If you have bad cavities and fear losing your teeth, read through my blog. It'll give you valuable tips to help you stay cavity-free.