Parents And Kids During A Dental Trauma: What You Should Know

Posted on: 11 September 2018

A dental emergency can be terrifying for both parents and children. They often appear much worse than they are because your mouth can easily bleed more profusely than other parts of your body. Because of that, parents need to know how to react to a dental emergency appropriately so as not to scare children. Here are some things to keep in mind if your child suffers a dental emergency:

Keep Your Cool

One thing that scares children more than anything is when they see fear in the face of their parents. It is perfectly reasonable for you to be petrified at any emergency involving your child, but you have to be as strong as possible to not show those fears outwardly for the sake of your child. You need to be there to stand up and make medical decisions for your child, so you need to keep as calm as possible.

Bring Comfort Items to the Emergency Room

When you go to the hospital, be sure to grab any items which bring comfort to your child. Let the child hold the item while they go through their evaluation. They will encounter medical professions whom they do not know, which is scary in addition to the painful event they are going through. Having a familiar item on hand will help ease his or her fears and hopefully get through the exam quickly. Items such as a special blanket, stuffed animal, or even a special piece of clothing can be a huge help during a dental emergency.

Choose Medical Specialists Wisely

With a dental emergency, the emergency dental practitioner will not be the only time your child will need to be evaluated by a medical professional. More than likely, you will have to see another dentist or dental specialist within a few days. When you choose a dental practitioner, do some research to find a person who has a good bedside manner with scared children. Your child will still probably have some pain, and they will no doubt remember the trauma they just went through. You need a practitioner who is calm and will be patient with your child. Ask for referrals from friends and family to see who they recommend, or who they would not. If you were referred to a specific doctor during the emergency room visit, do some research ahead of your appointment to get an idea of not only his or her professional reputation but also how they respond to scared children. You are not obligated to go to the doctor the emergency room physician refers, so do your research and choose the person who will be best for your child.


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