Dental Problems That Require Emergency Treatment

Posted on: 21 July 2018

Most dental problems are not considered emergencies, and dental patients are usually able to get their treatment via appointment. However, there are also cases where a dental issue requires an emergency dentist; for example, you may require emergency dental treatment in case of the following. 

A Knocked-Out or Damaged Tooth

Both a knocked-out tooth and a damaged tooth represent real dental emergencies. This is because when your tooth is knocked out, it may be possible to reinsert it if it is still intact. A damaged tooth may also be repaired and saved, especially if most of the tooth is still there. In both of these cases, there is also the issue of pain and the risk of infection to the affected tooth.

An Object Caught Between Teeth

Seek dental advice as soon as possible if something is stuck between your tooth and you don't have an obvious and safe way of removing it. This is particularly true if the object is a hard material, such as plastic. Yanking on the object yourself may damage your teeth, so let a professional deal with it.

An Unexpected Side Effect of Dental Treatments

Before getting a dental treatment, your dentist will go over the expected side effects and what you should do in each case. However, sometimes unexpected side effects crop up that you may not know how to deal with. In such a case, it's best to consult a dentist for help. For example, some people experience allergic reactions after getting dental bleaching or filling treatment, which requires professional intervention.

A Damaged or Malfunctioning Dental Device

A damaged dental device is a case for an emergency treatment for two main reasons. First, the damage means the device is not performing its function, so it ought to be repaired replaced. Secondly, the damage may make the device dangerous in your mouth. For example, a damaged dental filling exposes the diseased teeth to the risk of further damage or infection. Broken orthodontic wires, on the other hand, mean your braces are not working as well as they should, and they may also irritate your gums.

A Painful Toothache

Lastly, you also have a dental emergency on your hands if you are having a painful toothache. A first aid treatment using warm water to rinse the mouth may help, but you need a dentist's diagnosis and treatment to deal with a toothache once and for all.

Hopefully, you will get the treatment you need in time if you are ever in a dental emergency. Don't sit and try home treatments because, in some cases, they may only worsen the problem.


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