Signs That You Need To Schedule An Off-Season Dental Visit

Posted on: 22 May 2018

If you're interested in maintaining a great set of teeth, there's no better way to do it than to make regular visits to the dentist. A dental professional has spent years learning all about the teeth and gums, so they are well-versed in knowing what it's going to take to keep your smile looking as good as you want it to. You may think it's okay to see the dentist once and year but you might need to go see a dentist outside of your annual visit. When the following signs start to show up, you need to set up an appointment with your dentist.

Your Gums Start Bleed When You Brush Your Teeth 

Brushing your teeth with a hard-bristled toothbrush can do a number on your mouth. If you happen to have a heavy hand, you can easily break through your gums and find that they occasionally start to bleed. The problem comes in when you notice that no matter how gentle you happen to be with your brushing your gums bleed each and every time you brush them. It can be pretty scary to look in the sink and see the blood pooling up in the bowl. 

Don't think for one minute that this is a normal occurrence. Bleeding gums could mean anything from a vitamin deficiency to something as serious as advanced gum disease. You don't want to let the problem get so big that there's nothing that can be done about it. Choosing to wait until your annual appointment could be too late. Set up a visit so that your dentist can help you figure out what's going on and how to treat the problem.

Your Teeth Are Suddenly Much More Sensitive

You should also pay attention to the sensitivity-levels of your teeth. If you normally have absolutely no problem chomping down onto an ice cream cone or enjoying a hot cup of tea and all of a sudden these activities are causing you to wince with pain, it's vital for you to take notice. Your dentist can examine your teeth to see why they have become so sensitive, so you can begin a plan of treatment.

When it comes to the health of your teeth and gums, it's perfectly acceptable for you to be non-traditional. Don't be afraid to break from your routine and see your dentist ahead or after your regular visit if either of these symptoms begins to rear their heads.


Stopping Tooth Decay Before It Ruins Lives

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