Why You Should Schedule Routine Dental Appointments For Your Child

Posted on: 19 August 2017

If you have a small child, you are likely concerned about every aspect of your little one's health, including the state of the child's teeth and gums. To ensure that your child can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health, it is important to start his or her dental care early. Here are a few reasons to schedule routine dental appointments while your little one is still young:

Less Dental Fear

Sedation dentistry has become increasingly popular. However, it is not only designed to make long dental procedures more bearable. It is also available for patients who experience fear and anxiety at the thought of visiting a dentist.

Many adults don't receive the dental care that they should because of dental fears that originated in childhood. By scheduling regular appointments for your youngster, you can help your child become acclimated with receiving routine dental treatments. This acclimation can improve your little one's comfort level when it comes to dentists. Additionally, it helps ensure that your child will continue to receive the dental care that he or she needs, even in adulthood.

Less Damage to the Teeth

Although your youngster's little mouth may still be filled with primary teeth, those baby teeth will eventually give way to their permanent counterparts. Many people may not realize that issues with the primary teeth can be passed on to the adult teeth that have not yet appeared.

Here are two types of damage that may be passed from the primary teeth to the permanent teeth below the gums:

  • Decay. Dental decay can spread from one tooth to another. Since a primary tooth is in close proximity to the permanent tooth that lies below it, decay in the baby tooth can b e passed to the adult tooth.
  • Dental Misalignment. Early childhood practices, such as thumb sucking and prolonged use of a pacifier, can cause dental misalignment in primary teeth. The misaligned baby teeth are placeholders for the permanent teeth that will eventually present. If the primary teeth become misaligned, the permanent teeth will likely erupt in the same crooked pattern.

Both decay and dental misalignment that are due to unhealthy oral practices can be avoided. By taking your child to a dentist for routine visits, you can help ensure that the youngster learns proper dental hygiene to avoid decay. Additionally, any decay that does develop can be treated before it spreads to the permanent teeth.

The dentist can also advise you on ways to help your child overcome thumb sucking and pacifier usage, so your little one's teeth can remain as straight as possible.

If you have not scheduled a dental appointment for your child within the last six months, contact the office of a dentist in your local area.


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