4 Ways To Prepare Your Child For Contact Sports

Posted on: 2 February 2017

If you are going to be putting your young child in contact sports, then you may be a bit nervous about it. Putting your little one into a sport where there is the possibility of injury is scary. However, you have more than likely come to the conclusion that the risk is worth the benefits. Your child will learn discipline, get in better shape, make friends, and gain confidence. There are 4 things you should do when you put your child in any contact sport in order to make sure the both of you are approaching things in the best manner possible.

1: Get your child a mentor

One of the best things you can do to prepare your child for participation in a contact sport is to get them a mentor. This is someone they can ask all of their questions to and talk to about their concerns. This is someone that's not on or in charge of their team. Your child can ask this person things that they may not feel comfortable asking a teammate or coach. 

2: Make sure you purchase new gear

While you may be able to get away with purchasing used uniforms, there are some things you want to purchase new. Helmets, other head gear, and anything else that's intended to protect your child in the case of impact should be purchased new. This way, you know that it hasn't already taken a lot of hard blows and is to the point of no longer properly protecting your child.

3: Put your child in other classes

You can put your child in other classes that coincide with the contact sport they are going to be participating in. The more experience they get in things that can help, the better they will do.

4: Protect your child's teeth from injury

You want to be sure you get your child a properly fitted and high quality mouth guard. The best way for you to know that they are wearing a good one is for you to take them directly to their dentist for it. This way, the dentist can fit them for it, and you will know it is made from the best materials. They should always have their mouth guard in anytime they are going to be at risk of something hitting their mouth.

Following these tips will help your child have an all-around better experience with the contact sports they become involved with.


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