Does Your Child Have A Severe Toothache But Has Never Seen A Dentist? Why They Need An Immediate Appointment

Posted on: 8 June 2016

If your child is complaining of a tooth ache but they have never been to the dentist, it's important to get them checked out. It doesn't matter if your child is a toddler or older, not seeing the dentist is dangerous, and a toothache can be fatal.

Some people think that the pains in their pre-school or elementary aged children's mouths are just teeth coming in or moving, but the problem could be much more severe. Here are a few reasons why you want to get the child into a family dental clinic.

Bacterial Risks

If the pain in your child's mouth is a bacterial infection and they have a dental abscess where there is a cavity, or just in the gum tissue, this could become so severe it turns fatal. Don't risk your child's life, or their health, and get them to a dentist to see if they need to get an antibiotic, and to see if they need to have the tooth pulled or the area worked on.

Skeletal Concerns

If the problem is that a tooth trying to come in is pushing into another tooth, or that there is a tooth pushing into the jaw bones, this could fracture bones and do other damages to the skeletal structure. This could force the teeth out of alignment and cause orthodontic issues, and it could cause TMJ and other skeletal problems.

Criminal Charges

Some parents have been sentenced to jail time because they neglected to address their child's dental complains and concerns, and you don't want this to happen to you. Don't end up dealing with social services or being punished criminally because you didn't want to spend the money or time to take your child to the dentist, and don't jeopardize your reputation or right as parent by getting into legal trouble.

If your child is complaining that it hurts too bad for them to chew food or move their mouth, and they have a severe toothache, it isn't too late to start taking them to the dentist and to get help. If the child is suffering from other health concerns like a fever, you may want to take the child to an emergency medical facility. Children should start going to the dentist when they have teeth that need to be cleaned and examined, and you can't put it off any later if your child is yet to get a cleaning, x-rays and an examination. 


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