Helpful Information About Dealing With Molar Cavities & An Abscess

Posted on: 19 January 2016

Do you avoid chewing on one side of your mouth because your molars are sensitive and there is a lump on your gums? It is a good idea to see a dentist as soon as you are able to make an appointment in case you have a cavity and abscess. In this article, learn what kind of dental treatment you might need if you have a cavity and abscess.

Why is Prompt Dental Treatment Needed for a Cavities & an Abscess?

You need fast treatment for cavities because they can get bigger before you know it and cause more than sensitive teeth. The cavities can become deep enough to expose the pulp chamber of your molars, which can end up getting infected. You might already have an infection if there is a lump on your gums. Basically, the lump that you are seeing might be a dental abscess that is filled with poisonous pus. You must get the lump treated by a dentist and don't try to pop it to remove the pus. A dentist can get rid of the lump without the poison getting inside of your bloodstream.

How Can a Dentist Treat Cavities & an Abscess?

Depending on the size of your cavities, the dentist can fill them in or extract the molars from your mouth. However, treating the dental abscess will be done before the cavities are treated. You will have to get a root canal in order for the abscess to be removed. A root canal is the method of treatment used because the dentist will be able to remove damaged pulp and drain the pus out. He or she will basically have to drill a hole in one or more of your molars to reach the pulp chamber if your cavities are not already deep. After the root canal, your cavities will be filled and capped with a crown (in some cases).

What Does it Cost to Treat Cavities & an Abscess?

Filling in the cavities in your molars might cost at least $50 and up, depending on the severity of them and filling type used. If the cavities are capped with crowns, expect each crown to cost an estimate of $500 or more each. Treating the abscess via a root canal should cost $500 or more when it is located near or under a molar. Get your sensitive teeth and lump treated by a dentist, like Alaska Dentistry for Kids, so you can find some relief when chewing food.


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