Three Reasons To Make Sure Your Dentist Is Experienced With Veneers

Posted on: 22 September 2015

Restoring discolored, chipped or pitted teeth with veneers is growing in popularity as an effective way to correct many teeth at once. Patients can walk away with a new, natural looking smile that lasts for years. However, creating and placing veneers is a technical as well as an artistic process. Here is why you want to make sure your dentist has already placed a significant number of successful veneers before they do yours.

1. An experienced dentist knows that getting veneers from an outstanding aesthetic ceramist is essential.

A ceramist custom makes the veneers to fit your teeth, but not all ceramists have esthetic skills. Many dentists limit themselves to one lab or ceramist for all their restorative work. Not all ceramists specialize in full smile restorations, nor are they familiar with the subtleties that make a smile look picture perfect.

A talented esthetic ceramist studies the teeth, including molars and premolars that may be exposed at different smile intensities. He or she will also match color shades to multiple existing teeth to ensure that everything looks natural. A dentist who has been doing veneers for many years will know who the most talented ceramists are and will use them instead of a less specialized lab. A dentist who orders veneers from a ceramist with an artistic eye will get the best results.

2. The dentist will take plenty of high resolution pictures.

Dentists who specialize in restoring teeth with veneers know the value of using high resolution photographs and providing them to their ceramists. Some dentists simply use plaster impressions, which do not show the position of the lips and facial muscles. Creating a perfect, natural looking smile means examining the position and fullness of the lips, observing how many teeth are exposed, and assessing how much of the restored and existing teeth will show. The dentist and the ceramist must both be able to view the smile "in action", and must be able to perfectly match many shades of tooth enamel. Multiple, high resolution pictures show these details while impressions do not, and they help the dentist become more of an artist than a technician.

3. The dentist will consult with you frequently.

Restoring a smile with veneers is a simple and non-invasive procedure for the patient. However, it is complex, and involves many steps for the dentist. An experienced dentist will try to get as much information as possible regarding what you really want to achieve and what the finished product will be like. He or she will try to make sure your expectations are realistic by taking impressions and showing you computerized renderings of what the veneers will really look like.

Veneers are simple in theory, but they aren't foolproof. There is a lot that can go wrong if a dentist has not done many veneers, or if they haven't had to repair poor veneers done by others. While all these steps take several appointments, make sure to discuss these points with your dentist. It is critical to coming out with a smile that looks great and that you really love.

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