Tips For Lessening The Irritation Of A Canker Sore That's Driving You Crazy

Posted on: 20 August 2015

If you have a canker sore on your tongue, you may find it hard to eat, drink and talk. A canker sore can be painful and extremely irritating. Your main goal will be to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Of course, you'll also want to do all you can to make the irritation as little as possible. This article will help you deal with a canker sore until it heals.

Watch what you eat

Certain foods can really irritate a canker sore. You want to steer away from foods that are high in acids. It's best if you can stick to bland foods until the canker sore goes away. Yogurt, pudding and white breads are a few examples of bland foods.

Rinse your mouth with water after you eat

Make sure you are doing everything possible to keep your mouth clean so the sore will heal faster. A good way to do this is to rinse with water after you eat or drink anything.

Drink cold fluids

Since a canker sore is an irritation, cold drinks can help to soothe it. If you are drinking cold water, try to make sure the water runs right over the sore, this will give you added relief. You can also hold a piece of ice directly on the canker sore until it melts. This will numb the area well.

Don't kiss

A canker sore is an open wound in your mouth. Therefore, you want to keep it as germ free as possible so it heals fast. Refrain from kissing your partner until the sore has healed completely.

Don't touch it

When you have a canker sore, you may want to touch it with your finger or rub it against your teeth. However, doing this is only going to irritate it more and cause it to stay around longer.

Brush with a mild toothpaste

Some types of toothpaste can sting a bit when you brush with them. Opt for toothpastes that are mild so you can avoid the pain the other ones can cause.

Don't use nicotine products

Anytime you have an irritation in your mouth, you should avoid using products with nicotine in them. This includes cigarettes, nicotine gum and tobacco chews.

The tips in this article will help you get through the pain and irritation of a canker sore until it goes away. If you continue having canker sores, you should get in to see your dentist. There may be issues you're your mouth or oral care habits that contribute to the development of the canker sores. Professional dental care can help you figure out what's causing them and hopefully put an end to them.


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