Cosmetic Dentistry Options For Better Looking Gums

Posted on: 21 May 2015

Cosmetic dentistry often brings to mind teeth whitening or veneers that will make your teeth as straight and white as a movie star's smile. But a cosmetic dentist can also help if your gums seem to sit either too high or too low on your teeth.

Gums are there to protect your teeth roots from damage, so you need them to sit at a certain height. But excess gum tissue can make your teeth look too short, or receding gums can make teeth look too long with the roots being at risk of exposure.

If you're nervous about the idea of gum surgery, seek out a gentle dentist in your area trained to have an easy manner and a soft hand during rpocedures. Here are a couple of the cosmetic options for better looking gums you can discuss with the dentist.

Excess Gum Tissue: Gingivectomy

Excess gum tissue is usually a problem that occurs naturally due to your genetics rather than any lifestyle choices. The excess tissue creeps up the bottom crown of your teeth and makes it look like the bottom of your tooth is up higher than it really is. This might impair your self-esteem, and it can also hinder your dentist's attempts to give you a good teeth cleaning to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria.

For the gingivectomy, your dentist or oral surgeon will use local anesthetic on your gums. The excess tissue is then carefully cut away so that the entire crown is visible. Depending on the severity of your excess tissue, this might involve trimming tissue around your entire mouth.

If you're nervous to have that much tissue trimmed at one time, ask the dentist about having a different quadrant of your mouth done in each visit. Note that this method will ultimately stretch out both your visit time and your healing time.

Receding Gums: Gingivoplasty

Gum tissue can begin to recede down the teeth due to periodontal disease or genetics. The tissue can continue to recede until the teeth look unusually long while the bottoms of the teeth can start to look a bit pointed. A gingivoplasty can restore some gum tissue and better cover up the extreme lower end of your crown.

Fixing the problem involves a gum graft using tissue taken from the roof of your mouth. The graft tissue is inserted and sewn onto the recessed gums and allowed to heal until the two areas of tissue fuse together. This will help you achieve the appearance of having a set of full, healthy gums.

If your gum recession was caused by periodontal disease, your dentist will treat that condition first with antibiotics and cleaning procedures. You will then be advised on a thorough dental healthcare routine to follow after your gum surgery. For more information, contact a business such as Ginger Scoggins DDS.


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