Why Common Courtesy Is So Important When It Comes To Dentist Appointments

Posted on: 20 February 2015

When you make a dental appointment, you are saying to your dentist and his or her office that you plan on being there at the time and date specified. If you blow off the appointment or forget, and then do not make a phone call to explain, you put your dentist in a tight spot. Some people think very little of calling after the fact, but the point is that your dentist was expecting you and a little common courtesy goes a long way. Here is why you should phone ahead or phone after your appointment if you miss it.

Calling a Day Ahead Opens up the Appointment for Someone Else

If you come down with the flu, are suddenly heading out of town, or just know that you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you should call at least a day ahead. Most doctors' offices require this, and many dental offices are now doing the same. When you are courteous and let your dentist know that you cannot make your appointment, you are opening up a time slot that another patient, who may be in need of urgent or emergency care, can take.

Calling After You Forget Your Appointment

It happens. People forget. It does not matter if you book yourself a reminder in your smartphone or leave sticky notes on the bathroom mirror. You can still forget. The polite thing to do is to call your dentist right away and explain his or her office staff that it slipped your mind, you are really sorry for holding them up, and that you would like to reschedule. The staff and your dentist are more forgiving and willing to find you another appointment when you are courteous enough to let them know why you did not show.

Missed Appointments and Empathy

Obviously, you would be burned and not too happy if someone stood you up. It does not matter if it is a date, a friend or a business partner, standing up your dentist is pretty much the same thing. When you think of blowing off you dental appointment, it is more than being discourteous. It is a lack of empathy for others who might have benefited from taking your place. Avoiding the potentially embarrassing phone call to explain a forgotten appointment also lacks empathy. Someone may be concerned that you were injured or worse. Just be considerate and think of others when it comes to cancelling an appointment and rescheduling.

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